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For most Ireland residents, the only time to call a locksmith company is when they are locked outside their home. However, that is not the only thing locksmiths do; they perform various tasks. With the development of security technology, the job of your local locksmith in Tyrone, Armagh, or anywhere in Ireland (postal code KW16) has gone beyond door opening. Locks are integrated into homes; at one point, you will require the services of a locksmith company. When that time comes, be sure to see secure an appointment via Belfix. You can make an appointment in three clicks, and Belfix will match you with the best freelance locksmith near you. Their workers are independent but are carefully vetted to ensure they provide the best services. Commercial locksmiths handle larger buildings like warehouses, schools, and office complexes. Automobile locksmiths in Ireland also come in handy when you are locked out of your car. With that said, here are the types of services provided by a locksmith company.

  1. Changing Locks

There are plenty of reasons you might have to install new locks. You might have moved into a new house in Ireland, and you feel that the locks could use an upgrade. A reliable locksmith company can replace your existing locks. If you have experienced an attempted break-in, it's always advisable to change the locks. When you make your appointment using Belfix, you will know how much a lock change costs and pay before the independent locksmith company workers are sent to your home. It makes it easy to access these urgent services without any extra charges. If you are busy, you can oversee the new lick installation on weekends or evenings. When you are changing locks, ensure you go for the best in the market because it increases security around the house.

  1. Garage Door Repair

Unlike your house door locks, garage doors are pretty firm, and only an experienced locksmith in Ireland can save the situation. You can't afford to stay with a broken garage door. It serves as an entry to your house and most times keep valuables there, including cars. When you notice the garage door is starting to act up, call a locksmith company to come and examine it. They will decide what is broken or damaged and if replacement is required or repairs will be enough. Belfix matches you with enough independent locksmiths to complete the task in an hour. You can go back to having a safe home as soon as they complete the repair. Seasoned locksmiths in Ireland can even help you install a high tech garage door. The high technology security features are better and will put your mind at ease if you keep valuables in the garage.

  1. Safe Opening

It's essential to have a secure place for the smaller valuables. But often, people forget the safe combinations and can't access their jewellery, money and other valuables. That is when the locksmiths in Ireland come to mind. The highly skilled professionals can open the safe for you. They might also help with combination changes and safe repairs. It's crucial to use workers that are discreet and trustworthy when it comes to such sensitive jobs. Belfix ensures all the freelance locksmiths they match with people have a good reputation. Writing down your safe combination may not be the best move. But you should come up with a secure combination that you can easily remember to avoid being locked out again.


These are only three services that a locksmith company in Ireland provide. There are many others, including shutter repairs, installing armoured doors, repairing sliding doors, and so much more. When you are in trouble and need quick services, go to Belfix and book an appointment. Our matching platform is fast in finding freelance locksmiths near you.