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Belfix platform specializes in offering a variety of services under one roof. It is sure to provide you with the service you are seeking. By using the Belfix platform, you save yourself from the hassle of looking for a specific service regarding your household needs. Where you are looking for a glazing company in Ireland, the Belfix platform will connect you to the most sought professional in the glazing company. It is possible because the Belfix platform is a nationwide forum that can connect you to professionals located in Ireland or close to Ireland.

How does the Belfix platform work?

Our platform seeks to connect customers to service providers that are nearby. Our platform will provide a list of service providers within the KW 16 postcode. You can select any based on your preference. By visiting the website, you will see a tab where users add information regarding the specialist you will need. Once you do, you will then be required to book an appointment. For instance, you input you want the service of a glazing company in Ireland, the platform will then give you specified options from which you will choose. For a glazing company, options such as large formats, chassis repair, glazing replacement will appear. From here, you can easily select the service you want. For more convenience, the Belfix platform will provide you with a glazing company right near you. For those in Ireland, you connect with local professionals within your district, sub-area, or county.

You can easily make appointments online

All appointments are made through the Belfix platform online. You do not need to visit the offices physically as everything you will need can be done online at your convenience. This way, the procedure to book for a glazing company in Ireland is made easy to follow and convenient to the customer. There are lower communication costs such as calls and text messages. In addition, the Belfix platform allows for the cancellation of service within the policy. You can cancel anytime up to an hour before the delivery of service is to commence. After this period, you are subject to a cancellation fee.

Reasonable pricing

At the Belfix platform, there is a guarantee of transparent pricing facilities alongside the quality of service. Our platform lets you know the prices in advance before the purchase of a service. All the pricing details are inclusive of the transportation cost. It goes a long way in helping the customer plan accordingly and within their budget. For instance, when you apply for the services of a glazing company in Ireland, you will receive a detailed priced quote that includes the displacement, an analysis of your needs, and the preparation leading to your detailed quote.

Belfix platform does not add any unnecessary surcharges. If you decide to book an appointment past their working hours, you are guaranteed no unexpected charges, be it in the evenings or the weekends. Customer satisfaction is a top-notch priority in our platform. We guarantee you transparency for our services for added trust between us and you, our customers.

Exemplary Customer Service

You can reach out to Belfix through the communication email on the contact page. It is to ensure customer satisfaction by receiving feedback of complaints as well as compliments. There is a privacy policy that ensures that there is no breach of personal information and data.


The Belfix platform has contributed to residents of Ireland having access to a quality glazing company. There are strict entrance conditions for service providers to ensure high quality of services. It is at your convenience to obtain affordable, high-quality service that is near you. Belfix guarantees this.

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Ask a detailed quote for: 47£