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Does your radiator make weird gurgling noises? Is your boiler blinking? Who do you need to call? Knowing the right profession to call can be overwhelming sometimes. Selecting the right tradesperson is easy when you need replacing or fixing in your workplace or house. However, some professionals seem to offer the same output, but in reality they are completely independent. However, some professionals will extend their hand to offer multiple tasks. For example, many people confuse between a plumber and a heating engineer. When it comes to a plumber or heat engineer, it is advised to stick to the right professional to benefit fully. Plumbing and heat engineering are completely two different professions, and it is important to hire the right skills for the task to get the best results. This is where Belfix comes in. If you have a house or office problem in Ireland or the surroundings and need a professional, worry less, Belfix is at your service! Belfix will help you match your problem and the right professional that can offer great work output. If you need a heating engineer in Ireland, visit our platform for quality skills to help you get back on your feet with no time.

The right time to call a heating engineer

You need to call a heating engineer anytime you need assistance with anything related to the heating system in your home or office. There are many things you can benefit from local heating engineers in Ireland, from emergencies to repairs and replacements.

You will know it is the right time to call a heating engineer when you have challenges with the following systems:

  • Hot water cylinder
  • Thermostats
  • Associated piping
  • Radiator
  • Anything to do with heating system
  • Central heating system

Belfix will ensure that you have the right heating service provider for the job regardless of whether you are living in Ireland or the surrounding. Our platform selects all heating engineers; hence they are qualified for a specific match.

Services offered by heating engineers in Ireland:

  • Maintenance
  • Reparation
  • Installation
  • Gas leak detection

What to expect from Belfix

  • Known price in advance
  • An appointment is 100% online
  • All costs are included
  • Nor surcharges on weekends and evenings

Finding a registered gas safe heating engineers

Replacing or repairing a boiler or heating system is a task that needs expertise and skills. Therefore, all activities should be carried out by a registered gas safe heating engineer. When searching for a registered gas safe engineer in Ireland, look nowhere other than on the Belfix platform. Our platform will ensure that you get a qualified and certified heating service provider in Ireland. Most heating experts display their certification on their advertising literature or their websites. However, you need to be keen and confirm the certification claims of a certain engineer to get the best in the market.

In the nutshell

If you note that a certain tradesperson is doing heating system work they are not qualified to do, you have all the right to report them to the safe gas registrar. However, when you rely on Belfix, you will never be disappointed. Make the whole process easier and sign up to our amazing platform: Belfix!