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All across Ireland (postal code KW16), people from Antrim, Dublin and beyond depend on heat from fireplaces. It's how they keep their families safe and warm when the temperature drops. Unfortunately, most of these homes in Ireland experience damages because the homeowners failed to recognize the importance of chimney sweeping. Everyone with a fireplace needs a reliable chimney sweeping company. However, finding one near you may not be easy. Belfix has made it possible to access chimney cleaning services. They match you with freelance workers from an independent chimney sweeping company near you. A fireplace makes a house feel homey, and it's a beautiful focal point. But it comes with maintenance responsibilities.

Benefits of Having a Chimney Sweeping Company

  1. Increased Heating Efficiency

A chimney sweeping company will ensure your home in Ireland gets enough because the wood in the fireplace will burn more efficiently and thoroughly. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, the chimney will get clogged. When there isn't enough oxygen reaching your firewood, the heat will be very minimal. The decrease in heat will lead to higher heating bills. You need a chimney sweeping company to visit your home every once in a while. Belfix allows you to book such services and pay on the spot. The amount you will pay will cater for a one-hour workforce and the transportation cost of the independent workers they match you with. They usually send an independent company in Ireland close to where you stay to shorten response time. Even if you are not experiencing heating inefficiencies yet, it's good to have the chimney professionally cleaned. Cleaning will remove creosote build-up and soot.

  1. Preventing Costly Chimney Repairs

It's only a chimney sweeping company that increases the longevity of your chimney. There are plenty of these companies in Ireland, and you can easily be matched by one when you use the Belfix platform. The qualified freelance workers will inspect the chimney and tell you if you need any repairs. Identifying the issue early on will cost you less in repairs than when the damages advance. The by-product of combustion like bits of wood, ashes and soot can be damaging if left for long. They can cover the damper, flue line, and smoke shelf with grime and dirt. A professional sweep will reduce wear and tear. The chimney sweeping company in Ireland will ensure you don't replace the chimney prematurely. You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late before you can start looking for help. You need a chimney sweep at least twice every year.

  1. Preventing Chimney Fires

Burning wood creates creosote which gets concentrated and is highly flammable. A top to bottom professional sweep from the best chimney sweeping company in Ireland will help you prevent such fires. A chimney fire can start a house fire and destroy your property. It also puts your family in harm's way. It's your responsibility to ensure every part of the house is working safely. Even if you are using gas logs instead of wood, be sure to schedule a chimney sweep. Aside from preventing fire, the sweep also ensures smoke is going in the right direction. Smoke and carbon monoxide can back up and start entering your home. Inhaling smoke is unpleasant and unsafe, especially for children.


Finding chimney sweeping services in Ireland will be easier when you use Belfix. The platform is packed with qualified freelance and independent workers we can match you with. We will help you clean and maintain your chimney to avoid damages and other harmful effects.