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Do you need any plumbing services in Leeds? If yes, you have come to the right place. If you are experiencing any plumbing issue, it is crucial to contact a plumber in Leeds immediately. Most plumbing-related problems can quickly become disastrous if they aren’t handled promptly. For instance, a blocked draining system can make life unbearable at home. Also, a leaky pipe can cause severe damage to your property.

What is Belfix?

Whether you want to install new plumbing-related equipment or looking for someone to fix a plumbing issue, locating a competent plumber in Leeds can be a tough job. Luckily, Belfix has made it easier for homeowners to find a professional plumber without going through the struggles of conventional means.

However, it is important to note that the plumbers on Belfix are not our employees but self employed professionals. Our platform only provides a much-needed link between customers and these freelance plumbing experts. You can access the platform using your smartphone, laptop or tablet, provided it is internet-enabled. So, if you are looking for a plumber in Leeds, Belfix might just be the platform you need.

Plumbing Services Available for Booking Through Belfix

  • Repair Services - Plumbing equipment are prone to damage since they are always operating in extreme conditions. The most common damages occur due to normal wear and tear, while others are caused by human activities. Either way, you need to repair any plumbing damages before they cause further issues or hinder your daily activities.
  • Installation Services - Apart from reparation jobs, our platform can provide you with a plumber for any installation work. If you recently bought a bathtub, sink, water tank or any other plumbing-related equipment, use Belfix to find the right plumber for the job in Leeds. You can also request someone for renovation works through our platform.
  • Unblocking of Septic and Drainage Systems - Blocked drainage and septic systems can be a nightmare for both you and your neighbours. So, you should log in to Belfix and find a plumber specializing in waste handling. These experts will help empty your septic tank and pump open any blockages. You do not have to worry about hiring equipment as these plumbing experts in Leeds are well prepared for the job.
  • Leak Detection - Apart from costing you in water wastage, undetected leaks can cause severe property damage. So, if you suspect there is a leak in your piping system, find a plumber immediately. The plumbers on our platform have the right tools and experience, making it easier to identify leaks without messing with the whole system. These pieces of equipment include thermal imaging cameras that make leak detection quick and easier.

Benefits of Booking a Plumber Through Our Platform


One of the benefits of booking plumbing services through our platform is convenience. Provided you have a device that connects to the internet, you can log in to your Belfix account and start browsing through various plumbing experts in Leeds. Our platform ensures you do not have to look around searching for plumbing services physically. So, get your device and make an appointment at the comfort of your couch.

Time Saving

As we already mentioned, time is an essential factor as far as plumbing issues are concerned. Some plumbing issues require immediate addressing. Luckily, booking plumbing services through our platform saves you lots of time. That’s because you do not have to leave your home to find a plumbing expert. Also, these experts can work during the weekends and holidays.


Besides saving your time, booking a plumber through our platform saves you some money. The experts on or platform charge a standard price for the services. You do not have to negotiate the price further as Belfix sets the best price that gives you the best deal for any services. Additionally, there are no surcharges for weekends, holidays or late-night services.