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No one wants to have a plumbing issue, but they happen anyway. Some can be fixed on a DIY basis, while others need professional intervention. There are plenty of things you can your way guess around, but plumbing isn't one of them. A Birmingham professional plumber should be your first call in an emergency. You may be from Boldmere, Aston cross, or any other neighbourhood in the city. You can use Belfix; it’s a national matching platform that can connect you to the best independent plumbers around you.

When to Call a Plumber

  1. For Leaks

The most common plumbing issue for homeowners in Birmingham (postal codeB1) is leakage. A leak can go from a simple faucet line to a rapid water supply line leak. A simple leak may not cause irreversible damages, but there is a risk of flooding if it's a major leak. Luckily you can schedule an immediate appointment through Belfix. They will match you with one of the carefully selected independent plumbers in Birmingham. You may also need leak detection services. Some of the plumbing fixtures are inside walls and other hard-to-reach places. The professional will use a camera to detect any possible leaks. That will help you avoid water damages and repair any broken pipes.

  1. For Installations and Renovations

Plumbing pipes and other fixtures undergo wear and tear after some time. You will need the best plumber in Birmingham for renovations to keep everything working correctly. Preventative maintenance is essential. The Birmingham professional will detect issues with the plumbing system that need renovations and reparation. There are always new, better and modern plumbing equipment coming out all the time. If you want to install new plumbing features, call a professional. They understand the plumbing system better and will ensure the installations are done perfectly. When Belfix matches you with the independent professional, they ensure he or she is fit for the job. You may also need professional plumbing services when you are installing new appliances or getting a new kitchen.

  1. For Water Softener Maintenance

Water softeners are now a part of almost all houses in Birmingham. Hard water is packed with minerals that can damage your skin, clothes, pipes, appliances and even make drinking water taste funny. When you install a water softener, you should know that it will require maintenance. With a great plumber at your disposal, you can be sure your house will always have soft water. Go to the Belfix platform and schedule a maintenance visit; all the quotes are published online, you will know exactly how much you need. The freelance professionals the platform matches you with are close to your Birmingham home. They will fix the plumbing problem in no time.

  1. For Clogged Drains

Undraining drains can be a nuisance in your home. Some clogs can be rectified with a plunger, but if you have tried and it's not working, you need a plumber. Clogs can cause plumbing backups which are the worst. But if the issue is addressed early, you can go back to having a healthy home. The experts will use special equipment like cameras to see what is causing the clog before removing it. The solution will be long lasting because they ensure they remove the source of the problem. Roots, hair, and grease build-up are the common things that cause clogs. Whatever you can do to prevent them is worth trying.


If you need a plumber in Birmingham for these or any other issues, you should use Belfix. It's a reliable platform that matches homeowners with independent plumbers around the nation. They ensure the professionals are qualified and have the necessary experience.