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Bingley is a town in England widely known as a market town. In a market, there are tools you would need for work such as piping, gas, oil, and so on. A problem occurs when these tools break down and you are forced to hire a heating engineer. Looking for one can be difficult especially if you opt to seek for one door to door. Thankfully, you only need to check Belfix.

Belfix is an online referral platform where you can book an appointment with an independent heating engineer or a company regarding your mechanical needs. Some of the services Bingley residents can enjoy from the platform include installation, maintenance, reparation, gas leak detection and other general services. We will discuss each of them in detail below.


Whether you reside or work in Bingley, the cost of the installation quotation is free. Some of the heating devices your heating engineer can install for you include thermostats, radiators, chimneys, heat pumps, electric boilers, and so on. To see more heating devices, you only need to visit the platform and identify other heating devices you may need. Before they install your device, they will first advise you on the best site for installation. For instance, chimneys cannot be installed as a unit separate from your house.


Another service Bingley can expect from a heating engineer is maintenance. Maintenance is a service that is commonly overlooked. Most heating devices need to be serviced regularly; every month. Your heating engineer will service devices such as gas heaters, heat pumps, electric boilers, just to mention a few.


Eventually, your heating devices will break down and will require some repair. Bingley residents need not worry since a heating engineer from Belfix can repair your device too. The devices they repair include chimneys, thermostats, heat pumps, wood stoves, radiators, and so on.

Gas leak detection

A gas leak is not just every Bingley resident's nightmare but everyone's. Devices that typically leak gas include gas stoves, fireplaces, laundry dries, just to list a few. If you suspect, you have a gas leak then a Belfix heating engineer can help you with that.

A good sign that your gas may have leaked is the ‘rotten-egg’ smell emitting from your heating device. In case you notice this, notify an engineer before you operate the heating device.

A heating engineer will come with the necessary tools used to detect gas. Depending on the gas level, a heating engineer may advise you whether or not to operate your heating device.

Other services

There are other engineering services you can enjoy, aside from heating. A heating engineer may repair devices that do not necessarily emit heat such as fans, televisions, radios, microwaves, and so on. Bingley residents should count themselves lucky should they book an appointment for an engineer. Once the engineer visits you, then you may also show him other faulty tools that need to be attended to. Most heating engineers also specialize in other forms of engineering.


Bingley clients need to know that Belfix is not a company that employs engineers. It is a platform where engineers sign up as freelancers. The management of the platform will however determine whether the engineers are qualified or not. Belfix will thus ask the engineers for the necessary credentials. Looking for competent engineers has thus been simplified for you since all you need to do is to log in , book an appointment and wait for a engineer.