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People need a heating engineer from time to time. Sometimes getting one is difficult. You could rely on referrals from friends or go door to door. Such hassles prove to be costly for the client in the long run in terms of transport. To curb such hassles, Bolton residents can now hire a heating engineer via Belfix.

Belfix is a freelance website where a heating engineer can join. It is therefore not a company that employs them. However, the platform will ensure that any engineer joining it, is competent and qualified.

Bolton residents can expect a myriad of services from a heating engineer such as installation, maintenance, reparation, and gas leak detection. The article will describe each service and show you the steps of hiring an engineer through Belfix.


If you need details regarding the cost of installing a heating device in Bolton, your heating engineer will give you a quotation at no cost. Quotations prepare the client to look for the money needed for installation costs. The client will also be exposed to heating devices they did not know they needed. You can get a price list for heating devices like radiators, chimneys, electric boilers, gas, heat pumps and pellets.


Heating devices need to be maintained periodically; roughly every month. If heating devices do not get checked regularly, they break down. In Bolton, a heating engineer for instance will check whether your pellets are functioning properly. Additionally, the heating engineer will give you tips to ensure your device keeps running properly.


Heating devices break down all the time. Thankfully, they can be fixed. Some of the heating devices that can be repaired from Bolton are pellets, electric boilers and industrial heating systems. The costs paid to the heating engineer cater for labour and sourcing for relevant parts.

Gas leak detection

Having a gas leak is scary. If you were to strike a matchbox, your entire house will explode. People detect gas leaks through their rotten egg-like smell. However, if you have a stuffy nose then detecting its smell becomes impossible. Even when you do suspect some gas leakage, you will be left stranded and wondering what to do.

Bolton residents luckily can enlist the help of a heating engineer to solve their gas leak problem. The heating engineer will visit your area with tools used to detect the gas leak level in the atmosphere. Depending on the gas level, the engineer will discourage you from using your gas heating device until a certain time.

Steps to hiring a heating engineer through Belfix

Using the website is quite a straightforward process. From the website, you will navigate to any of the four services just discussed. There will be an option requiring you to book an appointment. Once the button is selected, an engineer will contact you via your cell phone number.

The benefit of the platform is that the Bolton client will know the price in advance. A client can therefore decide to change their mind and seek other alternatives they deem cheaper.


Belfix has made it easier for residents in Bolton and other UK towns to access engineering services effectively. No longer does a client need to travel endlessly for an engineer. Furthermore, most engineers you meet hardly live up to your expectations. It is not uncommon for your device to be spoilt even after it had been fixed. With the thorough screening process of Belfix, the client will be assured of great services.