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We often rely on the heating system of our houses for reasons such as constant hot showers. During seasons such as winter in Banbridge, the freezing weather can make it impossible to take a cold shower. When it happens that your boiler breaks down or becomes malfunction, you will then have to reach out for the services of a heating engineer.

There is a big difference between a heating engineer and a plumber. Please do not confuse the two. Even though their job descriptions may seem similar, they have different roles to play. A heating engineer specialises in installing, repairing and fixing boilers in our houses that support the heating systems. Sometimes, your boiler may need a quick, simple fix, which you may call a plumber. If you are not sure, then it is better if you called a heating engineer.

Functions or a Heating Engineer

The most common reason most homes have boilers in Banbridge is that they need hot water for showers and baths. In the summer seasons, some can do without the hot showers due to the temperatures outside. Those who are allergic to colds or have other health conditions that require them to stay warm throughout will then require a heating engineer no matter the season. Heating engineers specialise mainly in the heating concerns of the house.

It takes a lot for one to become a licensed heating engineer in Banbridge. This ensures that you and your loved ones are safe, knowing that the worker you called in is experienced. Some duties that a heating engineer carries out are;

  • Installations
  • Inspections
  • Assessing faults and leaks of the boiler, pipes and related fixtures
  • Testing
  • Repair
  • Maintenance of heating systems both for commercial and residential homes.

1. Boiler Servicing

Any running machines require servicing every once in a while. Therefore, a boiler is no exception. If you want to maintain the safety and efficiency of your boiler, ensure that it is maintained through servicing. The fact that you have it running and not experiencing any faults does not mean that it is enough. Some faults develop over time and they may not give you a warning until the day your boiler stops functioning completely. Then you will need to do a replacement.

While in Banbridge, you can consult from our platform and we shall refer you to the best professional companies that will give you advice on how frequently you should service your boiler. Part of the services that the experts will offer include: providing a thorough check that ensures the flow of gas and the gas pressure is correct. The engineer from our referral will also also confirm whether the safety devices are operating well, ensuring that all electrical appliances are in good condition and that all the seals are intact.

2. Water Heater Services

A water heater serves the same purpose as a boiler, although there is a slight difference. A heating engineer has the skills necessary to handle both. The difference between the two is that a water heater stores the heated water at a constant temperature till it is ready for use. On our platform at Banbridge, we will be able to refer you to someone to offer you advice on the best type of water heater, installation services and repair services as well.

3. Ground Source Heat Pumps

For most homeowners in Banbridge who want to use an eco-friendly heater, we would advise on this. If you would love to use this type of heater in Banbridge, then a heating engineer will first assess your home to know whether it is suitable to install the ground source heat pumps. The main advantage of using a ground source heat pump is that they are versatile and can be used in under-floor heating to heat hot water and radiators. In Banbridge, we have the best referrals for the best solutions to your heating concerns.