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When your boiler breaks down, you may wonder whom to call between a heating engineer and a plumber. Many people are not aware that the two trades are completely different from each other. When you look at the two roles at the surface, you can use them interchangeably to refer to each. If a mishap occurs at home, you should know who to call between a heating engineer and a plumber in Arun to solve the problem.

Difference Between a Plumber and a Heating Engineer


Plumbers work on wet and dry pipes. You should call a plumber when you have a leak in your toilet, sinks, drains, or dishwasher. Plumbers work on various pipe problems at home, where they gain experience as they practice their trade. So, it is prudent to say that a plumber is someone who can efficiently repair pipes, fittings, and other water apparatus used for supply, sanitation, or supply.

A plumber can work in but not limited to any of the following areas:

  • Installation of new pipes
  • Repair of leaking pipes
  • Repair of dripping taps and pipes
  • Installation of new bathroom or kitchen appliances
  • Unclogging toilets and drainages
  • Flooded pipes
  • Faulty dishwasher
  • Heating Engineer

    Heating engineers work on heating appliances in the home or commercial buildings. They install heating pipe systems, maintain them, and fix defective household heating appliances. A heating expert is a highly trained person with certification from appropriate gas engineering bodies, unlike plumbers.

    They are experts in working on heating apparatus and dealing with controls, selection, electrics, and system design. It is easy for a heating professional to do plumbing work.

    The roles of heating engineers include the following:

  • Thermal pipe systems installation
  • Repair leaks on hot water pipes
  • Servicing boilers
  • Fixing boilers, heat pumps, and space heaters
  • Heating engineers in Arun also handle a range of heating works in commercial, residential, and industrial properties. They are qualified to create innovative solutions to deal with heating apparatus or equipment problems, both electrical and gas-operated.

    Who is a Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer in Arun?

    Some heating appliances use gas as their source of fuel. A heating engineer can only work on a gas-operated heating appliance if they are in the Gas Safe register. This is an official register in the United Kingdom comprising engineers legally authorised to work with gas, including liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas.

    When having your gas heating appliance repaired or serviced in Arun, ensure that you see the person’s Gas Safe ID card. Please take note of their business registration number and check it on the Gas Safe Register website.

    Belfix, Connecting Users with Professionals

    Belfix is a referral platform that connects service users and professionals, heating engineers, electricians, and plumbers, among others. These professionals do not work for Belfix; they are independent technicians and companies who require a platform to find them job opportunities in Arun.

    Belfix assesses each type of intervention requested and places an appropriate person to do the job. After the appointment, Belfix contacts the user through email to assess the selection and professional skills of the appointee. This gives us a true picture of the professionals represented on the platform and helps adding scoor for each professional.

    Since professionals listed in Belfix are independent partners, the user directly pays the professional. Belfix does not handle the payment for work done. Therefore, if you require a heating engineer in Arun including for appliances that use gas, Belfix will help you find a suitable professional to suit your needs.