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As the cold season approaches, you will need the services of a heating engineer. It is because it is dangerous to stay in a cold room for long hours. You will be endangering yourself and your loved ones if you fail to call a heating engineer to install heaters in your house in the winter season. Most households invest in a good heating system which in most cases is a central one. Make it a priority to call a professional heat engineer whenever you to do repairs. During the winter season, it can get icy in Armagh. Therefore, investing in a good central heater is vital.

Reasons why you should call a Heating Engineer

Often, you may confuse the roles of a heating engineer with those of a plumber. The skills of the two professionals overlap, but there are certain specific functions that only a heating engineer can perform and vice versa. The main role of a heating engineer is to install, fix and repair the heating system of a house. They also ensure that the heating systems are working perfectly so that the room remains warm throughout the cold season. Here are some of the reasons why you should call a heating engineer.

1. Installation and Repair of the Boiler

Taking a cold shower is not for everyone. Even if you enjoy cold showers, not everyone in your house does. People dread cold showers, mostly during cold seasons in Armagh. It is during such times that you should call a professional to install boilers at your home. We need hot water in the house for various reasons and not only for showers. You can get referrals of the best-qualified personnel in Armagh from our platform. They skillfully install boilers in your home. The process of installing a boiler is complex and that is why you should call a professional. Boilers use electricity or gas to function. Heating engineers from Belfix will visit your place of residence and assess the following;

  • The water pressure
  • Location of the current boiler if you have one. If not, he will select a perfect location to install one.
  • The position of the flue
  • The number of bathrooms you have in house

Your boiler may be faulty and you need a quick fix. Heating engineers have enough training to make repairs; therefore, even though you may have the temptation of calling your plumber to fix it, he may ruin it even more. A faulty boiler has low water pressure, no hot water and if the pilot light fails to work. The engineer may suggest that you change your boiler if it is beyond repair or its systems are out-dated. This will cost you more and the installation is also complicated.

2. Under Floor Heating

This type of heating system has two different types. The dry stem uses electrical coils to heat water or the wet system that heats water in pipes under the floor. This form of heating is becoming popular in many parts of Armagh since it is inexpensive. When thinking of a cost-effective heating system and efficient use while in Armagh, under-floor heating is the go-to. Under floor heating uses less water and its water distribution is even in all channels in the house. Even though it is inexpensive to use and purchase, you will spend a good amount of money installing it. You will learn from the engineers in Armagh that the installation process is tiresome and complicated. It is not just a matter of installing the electrical systems but also fixing water pipes. Whenever you need the services of a qualified heating engineer in Armagh, contact Belfix and let us find the right expert to solve your problem. Also, please note that Belfix is a referral platform, taking care of research, tariff calculations and appointment placement and we don’t have staff on hand.