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A heating engineer works on heating equipment in domestic and commercial properties, which makes them heating specialists. They install and maintain fittings, fixtures, and pipework used in heating a structure. You can contact a heating engineer in Angus if you have problems with your home or office heating system or want a boiler repair or boiler service. However, boiler service or repair involves working with gas, so the Angus heating engineer you choose should be Gas Safe registered to allow him to work on gas boilers.

What is Gas Safe Registration

The gas industry maintains high safety standards through strict regulations. Therefore, if your boiler uses gas, you should contact a heating engineer who is Gas Safe registered in Angus. The Gas Safe register is a directory of all companies and engineers in the UK who can safely and efficiently work on gas appliances. They should be qualified to install, service, maintain and repair LPG or gas appliances. The law requires every gas engineer operating in the UK to be active on the Gas Safe register to work on LPG, oil and gas appliances. If you have problems with your boiler or heating system, Belfix will connect you with a competent independent heating engineer in Angus. Before we send them your way, we will establish a current Gas Safe registration if the problem is with your gas boiler.

How to Choose the Best Heating Engineer

Choose a heating engineer with specific experience

The first thing is to ensure that the heating engineer has experience in your specific job. If your boiler has broken down, look for someone experienced in repairing boilers, not just an installer. Some heating experts might be expert installers but know nothing about repairing a boiler.

Check their Gas Safe Registration

For a job involving gas, the tradesman working on it should be Gas Safe registered. Professionals in the Gas Safe register can work safely on fires, cookers, boilers and other types of gas appliances. They should always carry a Gas Safe identity card, which you should ask to see. In addition, you should note their license number to verify it online later to be sure.

Get a Comprehensive Quotation

The heating professional should provide you with a comprehensive quotation after viewing and break down all the costs. The costs should include materials, labour, and any other probable additional expenses, such as a power flush for your heating system. The quotation should also indicate if the client is supposed to make an upfront payment for materials, for instance, a set of radiators or a new boiler.

Understand the Materials to be used before Work Commences

If the job involves buying new fittings and fixtures, do not buy them without discussing them with your heating engineer. Many homeowners see products online or in high street shops and buy them without consulting with their tradesman. Most of the cheap items sold online are of low quality, which will cost you more in the long run as you will have to replace them. Professional haring engineers in Angus know the approved products for your type of job, which they will advise you to buy.

Why should you Consult Belfix

Belfix is a matching platform where we carefully select independent professionals and companies providing heating repair and maintenance services. Once we identify a suitable candidate for your job in Angus, we send them to you. The professionals are not our workers or subcontractors; they are entirely independent. Our job matching platform operates nationally, but we send you local professionals located in or close to your municipality. Therefore, if you need a heating expert in Angus, contact us today, and we will connect you with the most qualified one.